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This web site contains descriptions, photographs, and sample pages from 14 published genealogy books. These books contain extensive information on more than 70 families, and more than 50,000 persons, on about 5,000 pages.

Latest book: Gargiulo Families of 17th Century Sorrento, and Some Descendants. A Study of a Large Community in the 17th and 18th Centuries, has finally just been published last month May, 2012. This book has been researched over the last 3-4 years by Jay Norwalk and Angela Federico. The book includes the ancestry of 4 large groups of Gargiulos, who are all closely related by DNA research, and who have ancestries recorded in the same church in Sant'Agnello, near Sorrento, Italy. These families are all traced back to 24 different couples who lived about 1600 in which at least one, and sometime both people, were surnamed Gargiulo, as well as to many other surname lines in the same period. The book not only includes many living descendants of these couples, but also many living descendants of other surnamed people who lived about 1600. The book includes a summary of the history of southern Italy from Greek times to the present, as well as the prehistory before Greek times as revealed in genetic studies. There is also a discussion of genetics, and photographs of 250 Gargiulo church records, as well as more than a hundred other color and black-and-white photographs of geography, buildings in the Naples and Sorrento areas, paintings and other historical views of the region, charts, scientific exhibits, and living people among the various Gargiulo families in the book. The book is written by Jay Norwalk, 1940 - and Angela Federico 1955 - , copyright 2012, with 562 pages. The book is indexed with more than 3,500 names, and has an extensive bibliography. US Library of Congress catalog number: 2012942437. ISBN number: 9781892446138. Hard cover only, price $65.00 US which includes Federal Express ground shipping inside the US. The book is not intended exclusively for members of the Gargiulo families and individuals named in the book, but for all people of the Gargiulo surname throughout the world whose grandparents or other ancestors may have originally come from the Sorrento, Italy area. It will be very useful to all such people who may wish to find their own roots in Sorrento or the surrounding region. People with questions about shipments abroad or any other question, or to order books, should please email Jay Norwalk


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