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New Information About Nicholas Barth Ancestry Discovered in 2000.

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Nicholas (III) Barth family, Salina, Kansas in about 1893. Standing L-R: Lucy, Catherine, Jacob (II), Amos, Rosemary. Seated L-R: Nicholas (IV), Nicholas (III), Magdaline Scheidel Barth, Mary. Front L-R: Henry and Leo

Above are ancestors of Nicholas (IV) Barth who are known as of April 2000


Interim Report of 5 Apr 2000, based on new Research by Marie-Odile Peres in Strasbourg, France.

Nicholas (III) Barth, the immigrant to Kansas, was born in Frohmühl in Alsace, France twenty-eight miles NW of Strasbourg. However he lived a couple miles away in Weislingen, where five children were born to his family before immigration. Later five more children were born in Kansas. It seems likely he lived in Weislingen in a house originally belonging to his wife's family, since three generations of his own family were all born in Frohmühl. This house was sold in 1879 a year after immigration, by Nicholas (III)'s brother Jacob (Jacques), using a power of attorney sent to him from Salina, KS for the purpose.

1. Christian (I) Barth b. Merlebach, Lorraine, France, m. Anna Margaretha Hochberger, b. Wescheim, Lorraine, France, d. aft 1783, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Christian died bef 1783, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Had at least 11 children of which 9 were born in Frohmühl, but Christian (I) was not born or married there. His first two children were born in Keskastel, a town very close to Frohmühl. He was a merchant by trade. He died before 1783, because his widow remarried 15 Jul 1783 to Johann Georg Pfander, burgher of Frohmühl. Anna: Her surname is found with two spellings, Hohberger and Hochberger. Her place of origin is sometimes spelled Wexheim. In 1783 she married (2) Johann Georg Pfander in Frohmühl.

    i   Maria Catharina Barth b. 6 Sep 1750, Keskastel, Alsace, France, m. 21 Oct 1766, in Tieffenbach, Alsace, France, Mathias Hermann, (son of Johannes Hermann and _____). This record was from a Catholic baptismal church record, indicating the family was Catholic at that time.

    ii   Christian (II) Barth b. 20 Dec 1756, Keskastel, Alsace, France, d. 2 Apr 1759, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. His birth record is given as the Latin form Christophorus. Death found in Tieffenbach church records.

    iii   Maria Theresia Barth m. 4 Jun 1776, in Tieffenbach, Alsace, France, Joseph Weidenbach, b. Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Her birth record not yet found. We know her by her marriage record.

    iv   Joseph (I) Barth b. 25 Feb 1759, Frohmühl, Alsace, France, m. 12 Jan 1790, in Tieffenbach, Alsace, France, Maria Elisabetha Kurtz, (daughter of Georg Kurtz and _____). Birth found in Tieffenbach church records.

    v   Phillip Barth b. 4 Oct 1761, Frohmühl, Alsace, France, d. 23 Dec 1762, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Birth found in Tieffenbach church records.

2. vi  Nicklaus (I) b. 1762.

   vii   Ludwig Barth b. 8 Sep 1763, Frohmühl, Alsace, France, d. 11 Mar 1764, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Birth found in Tieffenbach church records.

   viii   Johannes Nicolaus Barth b. 2 Jul 1765, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Birth found in Tieffenbach church records.

   ix    Johann Martin Barth b. 4 Nov 1767, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Birth found in Tieffenbach church records.

   x    Anna Maria Barth b. 19 Dec 1770, Frohmühl, Alsace, France, d. 10 Nov 1772, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Birth found in Tieffenbach church records.

   xi   Catharina Margaretha Barth b. 16 Apr1773, Frohmühl, Alsace, France, d. 9 Mar 1776, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Birth found in Tieffenbach church records.

Second Generation

2. Nicklaus (I) Barth(1.Christian1) b. 1763, Frohmühl, Alsace, France, occupation farmer, m. (1) Barbara Pfander, d. ca 1786, Frohmühl, Alsace, France, m. (2) ca 1787, in Frohmühl, Alsace, France, Christine Mohr, b. 1767, Walthausen, Nancy, France, (daughter of Joseph Moor and Anne Catherine Drouan) d. 27 Mar 1838, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Nicklaus died 29 May 1842, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Date of his second marriage given as 20th of Messidor in year 2nd of the French Republic. This date needs to be translated. Barbara: Her death record says she died in 20 Germinal year 2nd of the French Republic. This date needs to be translated. It would be about 1788 based on her husband being reportedly age 25 at time of her death. But her husband was reportedly age 24 at his second marriage. Christine: On her son's death record, her maiden name give not as Mohr, but as Mering. On her husband's death record it was spelled Mörin. Also her dates do not agree. She died age 61 in 1838 makes her born 1777, but she was married 1787 when she was age 20, so she should have been born 1767. Probably she was older at death, and the earler birth date based on her marriage is more correct.

3.  i   Nicklaus (II) b. 23 Oct 1808.

Third Generation

3. Nicklaus (II) Barth (2.Nicklaus2, 1.Christian1) b. 23 Oct 1808, Frohmühl, Alsace, France, occupation Mason, m. 22 Jan 1837, in Frohmühl, Alsace, France, Barbe Derie, b. 24 May 1807, Frohmühl, Alsace, France, (daughter of Jean Georges (I) Derié and Marie Christine Reinberger) occupation "sewer," seamstress, d. 21 Jan 1849, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Nicklaus died 18 Mar 1860, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Barbe: She probably died from complications of childbirth, as her daughter aged 7 days died at about same time. Other children of this family will be added soon.

    i    Jaccob (I) Barth b. 1842, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. "Jacques" was the French form of his name.

4.  ii    Nicholas (III) b. 16 Mar 1844.

    iii    Marie Catherine Barth b. Jan 1849, Frohmühl, Alsace, France, d. Jan 1849, Frohmühl, Alsace, France. Died aged 7 days at same time as mother.

Fourth Generation

4. Nicholas (III) Barth (3.Nicklaus3, 2.Nicklaus2, 1.Christian1) b. 16 Mar 1844, Frohmühl, Alsace, France, occupation stone cutter, m. 3 Feb 1869, in Weislingen, Alsace, France, Mary Magdaline Scheidel, b. 20 Feb 1845, Weislingen, Alsace, France, (daughter of Michel (I) Scheidel and Barbe Briva) d. 31 Mar 1926, Chanute, Neosho, KS, buried: St Patricks Catholic Cemetery, Chanute, KS. Nicholas died 15 Dec 1911, Denver, Denver Co, CO, buried: Denver CO. Came to Salina KS from France abt. 1878, with his wife (m. 1869) and 4 children. Nicholas found in 1880 and 1900 US Census for Salina, KS. His dates of birth and death are from CO death certificate, as well as bible of Hank Barth. His parents were not given on his Colorado death certificate. Later, many records found in Alsace by genealogist Marie-Odile Peres. Mary: Her brother Adam Sheidel was already in Salina KS. Adam later bludgeoned his wife to death in 1926, being out of his head with fever at the time. Dates from gravestone in Chanute KS as well as Alsace records.

 5.  i    Marie Madeleine b. 23 Feb1870.

 6.  ii    Nicholas (IV) b. 16 Oct 1871.

      iii   Henri Barth b. 21 Jul 1873, Weislingen, Alsace, France, d. died young, Weislingen, Alsace, France.

 7.  iv   "Amos" Emile Henri b. 23 Jul 1875.

 8.  v   Jacob (II) Charles b. 3 Oct 1877.

 9.  vi   Rosemary b. Dec 1879.

10. vii   Catherine A b. May 1882.

     viii  Lucy S. Barth b. Apr 1884, Salina KS, m. 10 Jun 1903, in Catholic Parsonage, Salina KS, John Grant Bond, b. 1878, KS, occupation railroad conductor, d. Chanute, Neosho, KS. Lucy died 1977, Chanute, Neosho, KS.

11. ix   Henry Leonard b. 7 Aug 1886.

12.  x   Leo V. b. Jun 1889.

Main street in Weislingen, Alsace, France, 1933, town where Nicholas (III) lived.

Main street same view as above Aug 2000 sixty-seven years later. Gabel end of house on right now
shows beams, window removed. Except for pavement, absence of hay ricks, not much has changed.

Catholic Church in Weislingen, Alsace, France, 1933.

Catholic Church in Weislingen built 1861 shown in year 2000. Steeple in front has been rebuilt
since 1933, and moved forward, while retaining original doorway. Julian and Simon Norwalk to right.

Magdalena Scheidel Barth, wife of Nicholas (III) Barth.

Also Magdalena Scheidel Barth, wife of Nicholas (III) Barth.

Nicholas (IV) Barth family, Salina, Kansas,1926. Standing L-R: Louise, Sister Mary Euphrasia, Joe Barth Sr, Mary. Seated L-R: Nicholas (IV), Frank, Mary Emmerich Barth, Nicholas' second wife. Sister Euphrasia was his eldest child, one of two daughters by his first wife. His second eldest child, Lottie, is not shown.

Jacob (II) Barth in 1910, age 33, son of Nicholas (III).

Nicholas (IV) Barth about age 21 in about 1892.

The late Reverend Joseph Barth Sr., son of Nicholas (IV)

Click here to see listing at Harvard Divinity School Library, of lifetime collected works of Rev Joseph Barth Sr.

Home of Nicholas (IV) Barth family in 1909, 805 State St., Salina, KS, see below for people.

Nicholas (IV) family in front of house in 1909, enlarged. L to R: Agnes, Mary Emmerich holding Louise, Nicholas (IV), Joe Sr. in front.

Example of one of about 20 Alsatian records rently received. The civil death record of Nicholas (II)'s grandfather on his mother's side, Michel (I) Scheidel, in Wesilingen, Alsace, France, 2 Jan 1868. His son of the same name has signed at the bottom.

Transcription of German language record of sale of Barth house in Weislingen in 1879, after family had already immigrated to Salina, Kansas.

Mary Emmerich Barth's family, Salina, KS, 1911. L to R: (standing rear) Mary Breidenwisher (Mary Emmerich's mother), Nicholas Vogelsberg (Mary E's step father), Mary Emmerich holding Mary Barth, Joe Barth Sr in middle with hand on his mother, (seated) Matt Vogelsberg, Agnes Barth, Louise Barth, Matilda Vogelsberg, Nicholas (IV) Barth.

Nicholas (IV) Barth 2nd marriage to Mary Emmerich 23 May 1905 Salina, KS.

Nicholas (IV) Barth about 1935.

Mary Elizabeth Emmerich Barth about 1935.

Joe Barth Sr 1906.

Joe Barth Sr. about 1911.

L to R: Mary, Joe Sr., and Louise Barth 1913.

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